Trevor Burke
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Acting Resume

Short Film - MISSION CHICKEN - Nominated Best Actor at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and Winner of Best Actor and Best Picture at LA Shorts Film Festival. Vito Brancato, Dir. AVITOFILMS

PSA - Another public service announcement for MS... I produced this PSA for awareness of the MSFC, the Multiple Sclerosis Fitness Challenge as a request from David and Kendra Lyons.

PSA - Public Service Announcement for Curfew. Just watch me try and sneak out tonight! Atomic Network, Freddie Benitez Dir. June 2014


Music Video - Fr. Pontifex ft. Yung PK - Heart of Gold, Again I play a Bully and beat up some little kid... I love playing something I could never do in real life. Spirit Juice Studios. June 2014

Short Film - Cost of the Saviors is a film where I play a Bully and pick on some little kid. I had fun making this film. I like playing a bad guy every now and then. Dir. SangHee Kim and Troy Lewis  April 2014

Feature Film - The Coming. In this film I play the youngest gang member and I actually shoot one of the main characters. January 2014

Featurette Film - Bonfire. This 20 minute film was shot in Evanston and I play one of the lead kids getting in trouble. Jon Oliver, Dir. November 2013

Commercial – Pops Cereal. I was asked by my friends at Bailout Productions to star in another commercial they produced for their in house production company. These guys are my favorite to work for. Felix Pinerio, Dir. Bailout Productions. September 2013

Short Film – The Shirt. This short was filmed in Clinton, Iowa. I played the troubled friend of an older kid who is looking for the owner of a shirt. It is a love story with a happy ending. Nick Zmuda, Dir. July 2013

Feature Film – Finn & The Sea of Noise. I play a young kid who gets shot. I was called back by Otis Productions for a small part in this feature. Another movie in which I die! Scotty Smith, Dir.  Otis Productions. July 2013

Short Film – Monster Movie. I play a lead character in this make believe fantasy film. Matt Pniewski, Dir. June 2013

Television – Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers. A show where tomorrows stars get to showcase their talents. This show keeps airing in the late night hours on cable and the “U”. I only wished I had a studio audience to laugh at the stand-up comedy I performed. Erica Reid, Supervising Producer. Blewt! Productions. June 2013

Commercial – Connects Game. I was asked by my friends at Bailout Productions to star in their series of 3 spec commercials they produced for their in house production company. These guys are my favorite to work for. Felix Pinerio, Dir. Bailout Productions. May 2013

Short Film – Sweet Life. I play a crazed kid acting aggressive from sugar candy. A short comedy, lots of kids on the set and I had fun filming this one. Jonathan Sao, Dir. Spring 2013

Music Video – “Elephant Man”, Matthew Morgan & The Lost Brigade. I play the son of a slimy politician, I heard this video was nominated at the Indie Music Video Awards. I was in two scenes. Felix Pinerio, Dir. Bailout Productions. Spring 2013

Short Film – Babysat. What a cool script, I got to terrorize the baby sitter and her visiting boyfriend. The scene in the basement where he is tied up is my favorite.  Scotty Smith, Dir.  Otis Productions. Winter 2012

Short Film – Fort Awesome. Another fun film, I play a smart mouth kid who doesn’t believe anything he hears till the end of the film. Fun filming.   The director had lots of close-ups cool film to watch. This film was the audience vote winner at the Columbia Film Festival. Caryn Lawson, Dir. Fall of 2012

Short Film – The Chair. I played a kid who was diabetic and has an addiction to sugar. My first project with Tribeca School. Anthony Frei, Dir. Spring 2013

Short Film – Nailed It!. I play a suicidal kid who is not in touch with reality and loves to build things. A shocking ending… This story left my family very emotional. Taylor Normington, Dir. Jazz Records Production. Fall 2012

National Television Show – Mother Son Park Bench Sketch. Worked with Steve Harvey and performed this sketch which aired on his inaugural daily talk show. Deep Dish Productions. Summer 2012

Feature Film – Billy Club. I play the lead character in a flash back scene where I am on a little league team and we haze a kid and almost kill him.  I loved filming this picture. I hope it will play in theaters around Halloween 2013. I drop my first “F” bomb on camera during this shoot! “R” rated horror film, I guess I won’t be seeing it.  Drew Rosas, Dir. Blue Mark Films. Summer 2012

Music Video – “Touch” Brighton MA. I am featured in almost every scene of this music video, I play a disturbed kid that wears ICP make-up and nobody likes me till the end. A great song! and even greater memories. This was shot around Logan Square, Wicker Park in Chicago and Call time was 12 noon till about 3 am for both days, then a sunrise scene at North Avenue pier on the longest day of the year! Still loved the experience and crew. Felix Pinerio, Dir. Bailout Productions. Summer 2012

Short Film – Rebirth. Zombie film and my mother sacrifice kills me before the zombies get to me. My first death scene. Looks scary on film, but lots of fun filming. The hair and make-up girls were awesome. It took 3 hours to put the stuff on the zombies and another 2 hours to take it off. The director gave me the last break-through door to take home. He didn’t need it, he had three and only used two. Aaron Trager. Dir. Summer 2012

Short Film – Stockholm Santa. Award Winning Short Film. My first lead film, I play Brady a kid who kidnaps Santa and hold him for certain demands. Needless to say Santa doesn’t cooperate. Sammi Stephens, Dir. Satyrica Films. Spring 2012

Theater – Hamlet and Eggs. I play Romeo in this play based on having many Shakespear characters get mixed up and meet, only to have Shakespear arrive and straighten the mess up. Fury Theater Group, Chicago. Mark Dodge and Arin Mulvaney, Dir.  Winter 2012


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