Trevor Burke
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Stand - Up Comedy
Booking and Management
Joseph Burke
phone: 630.935.2888




Trevor has been taking time off from stand-up and focusing on acting in films... A List of some of the clubs Trevor has performed in .

North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival

Brat Stop
Burbank Comedy Festival (Hosts Joey Medina and Jimmy Dore)

America's Got Talent (Season 9) Newark, NJ Taping (2700 Audience)


Zanies, St. Charles

Short Attention Span Theater

Promise Fest - GSU Arts Theater

Comedy Shrine

Heartland Café

Laugh Out Loud

Bridgeport Comedy Festival

Comedy Sportz Theater

Asbury Coffee House

Pressure Billards

Logan Theater

Northwoods Inn

PH Comedy Theater

Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers – Cable TV

Chicago Summer Fest

Variety-Ville – Memorial Opera House - Valpo

Twisted Q

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